Sustainable Glamping

Elevate Your adventure in Bolivia with our unique sustainable luxury Glamping

Bolivia Milenaria provides an innovative approach to sustainable tourism and conservation through our exclusive mobile glamping experiences. Designed for the eco-conscious traveler, our glamping setups are not just about immersing you in Bolivia’s breathtaking landscapes, but also about contributing to the preservation and rational use of resources in the regions we explore.

Bolivia Milenaria Glamping

Minimal Impact Footprint: Our glamping infrastructure is mobile, designed to ensure we leave no trace in the delicate ecosystems we visit. By adopting a pack-and-unpack model, we respect conservation efforts.

Bolivia Milenaria Glamping

• Exceptional Locations: Experience the wonder of Bolivia’s protected areas and natural wonders from the comfort of our luxurious glamping setups, from the vast expanses of the Uyuni Salt Flats to the verdant landscapes of the Yungas.

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• Rational Resource Use: Emphasizing the sustainable use of resources, from solar power to water conservation techniques, every aspect of your stay is aligned with eco-friendly practices.

Bolivia Milenaria Glamping

• Conservation Through Tourism: By choosing our mobile glamping experiences, you contribute directly to the conservation of the sites we visit.


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