Exploring the city of La Paz is a like wandering into a world of magic. La Paz sits in a bowl and looks different from each angle you approach it from. As you tour the city you will get a feel for the social and economic vibe best experienced as you fly through the sky on the city’s cable car.

On the city tour of La Paz, at over 3,600 m.a.s.l. visit some of the city’s most important highlights: the San Francisco Church, the Witches’ Market, and museums in the vicinity. Then we will go up to the Plaza Murillo, where the Legislative and Government Palaces are, and on to a replica of the Semi-subterranean Temple of Tiwanaku. A 20-minute ride will take us through the city’s residential areas and down to the Valley of the Moon, an eerie landscape of natural geological formations. Dropping down 400 m, the southern zone of the city of La Paz is at a lower altitude and is an ideal place to shop for alpaca clothing, fine jewellery and other luxury items.