After lunch and an introductory talk on the city of La Paz from your guide you will set out to discover the city from a different perspective than usual. The people of La Paz are a mix of indigenous peoples and immigrants which has given birth to a specific type of cultural syncretism with people from all social groups still believing in indigenous Aymara deities such as the God of Abundance and Mother Earth, and observing a myriad of traditions and rituals. This programme gives you an insight into this side of the everyday life of the people of La Paz. This programme includes a walk through the Witches’ Market, where you will see the different materials needed to perform traditional ceremonies and rituals, and listen to local myths and legends. Close by is where the Kallawayas (traditional healers) work and you will have the chance to take part in a ceremony to ensure good luck and blessings.
Optional: Coca-leaf reading.