La Paz is a foody’s delight. The locals like to eat well and all throughout the day so this tour is a great opportunity to delve into the world of street food. Very early in the morning your guide will pick you up to take you for breakfast in a local market where you can look at the stalls, try different fruit and vegetables and drink a filling healthy “multivitamínico” to start your day. Take public transport to another part of the city along with the locals and stop off to have a “salteña” (savoury pasty), which is the traditional mid-morning snack and embodies Bolivian gastronomy – tasty, spicy and juicy. At midday continue on foot through the streets, avenues and markets to get an idea of just how central lunch is to the people of La Paz. In the afternoon, our vehicle will take you to taste local chocolates and sweets and then on to the Parque de las Cholas to enjoy a pork sandwich. At dusk you will stop off at a corner stand to finish the day with cow heart, potato and peanut sauce “anticuchos”.