La Paz – Huatajata – Quewaya – Pariti – La Paz


Set off after breakfast for Lake Titikaka, which is divided by the Straits of Tiquina into two bodies of water – the smaller and larger lakes. The smaller lake is closer to the city of La Paz and is not as wide or deep as the larger lake. After crossing the highland plain for about 90 minutes with spectacular views of the snow-capped Cordillera Real mountain range we reach the village of Huatajata to visit the home of Paulino Esteban, which houses a museum dedicated to traditional reed boats. Paulino Esteban is an expert builder of these reed boats and helped out with the expeditions undertaken by Thor Heyerdal and Kittin Muñoz. Go by private boat to the Island of Pariti in the middle of the lake. Archaeologists exploring this island 10 years ago found one of the most important relics from the Tiwanaku culture, continue on to the Island of Isla de Quewaya to look at the stone funeral towers and visit other communities. Return to Huatajata to have trout for lunch before heading back to La Paz or Copacabana.