Overnight: Island of the Sun


After breakfast in La Paz travel for 3½ hours to the town of Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titikaka close to the border with Peru. This is Bolivia’s most important pilgrimage site and whose guardian is the Dark Virgin of Lake Titikaka. Visitors come from around the world to ask for favours from her and leave her gifts. On arrival visit the church and the town. Lunch. Take our private boat from the lakeside to the Island of the Sun where the first stop is the archaeological site of Pilkokaina. This palace was built as temporary residence for the first Inca. Have a look at the type of construction and its location. Return on the boat to the port at Yumani to climb the Inca Steps; over 200 steps built by the Incas to reach the northern part of the island passing the Fountain of Eternal Youth, where the water in the three drinking fountains from Inca times is believed to bestow eternal youth on whoever drinks from them. Continue climbing to the hotel.

Get up early the next day to watch the sun rise, have breakfast and enjoy the Inca Gardens where you can see traditional Andean agricultural systems (terraces) and marvel at the majestic Andes mountain range and Lake Titikaka. Take the boat across to the Island of the Moon to visit the Temple of the Sun Virgins “Iñak Uyu”. Return to Copacabana to have lunch and return to La Paz or carry on to Puno. This programme includes learning about local textiles, the Aymara culture, and eating trout fished straight from the lake.

NB.- You can walk from Pilkokaina to the hotel (about 1 hour).