Overnight: Copacabana


From the city of Puno we will move on to Kasani, on the Bolivian border, which will allow us to link trips. Once we reach Kasani, on the Bolivian side of the border, and go through immigration, we continue on to Copacabana on the shores of Lake Titikaka about 20 minutes away. Visit the church and look more deeply into Bolivian Aymara-Catholic traditions. A trip across the lake by private boat will take us to the Island of the Sun, to climb the Inca Steps and stop at the Fountain of Eternal Youth. You will be able to see traditional Andean agricultural systems (terraces) and marvel at the majestic Andes mountain range and visit the palace of Pilkokaina. Later we will return to Copacabana to spend the night, and rise early the following morning to walk through the town to visit different viewing points and the Horca del Inca before we transfer to the city of La Paz. Enjoy views over Lake Titikaka and visit Huatajata to see the totora reed boats and the locals going about their daily life. Arrive at the hotel in La Paz or return to Puno.