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Our vision is to be the leading provider of tailor made programs, experiential travel and luxury adventures in Bolivia. We aim to curate in-depth detail-orientated services and maintain a deep dedication to both client and country. It is our eco-conscious approach to travel that truly sets us apart.

Sunset at Uyuni


Do it your way and in your own time!

We have designed for you the most exclusive and vivid experiences in Bolivian culture and tradition. These experiences include interaction with native peoples, nature, archeology, art, cycling, mountaineering and even social volunteering trips and programs.

Uyuni is among South Americas Top 7 Travel Destinations

Uyuni has been listed by the Times magazine as one of the seven most incredible tourist destinations to travel to in 2021. Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit of our special SEASONAL RATES this second half of the year, Download our awesome season programme now! or contact us of a Bespoke experience.

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Bolivia is an unspoiled magical spot


No one knows Bolivia like we do!

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Jesuit Missions in Bolivia

The 300 year old churches are wonderfully preserved and completely unique, combining prominent elements of Western architecture with local materials and craftsmanship. Most resemble large houses and are built entirely of wood.

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Cholitas beyond the Andes

How will you recognize a cholita? Cholitas are easy to recognize! They wear a very distinctive traditional dress composed of brilliantly-colored layered skirts (polera), which usually reach to the ankles (a cholitas’ ankles are considered...

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