Sustainable Travel

Connect, Converse, Create 

Sustainability sits at the center of our experiential world. We believe there is no greater feeling than being part of extraordinary beauty and knowing you leave not a trace. Woven into every fiber of our business is the desire to connect, converse, and create opportunities for local and international growth. We love to see our country thrive and take a philanthropic approach by giving back to our National Parks, our people, and our shared planet.

Our sustainability policy

From the very start back in 1998, we have been passionate about sustainable practice across every angle. We have worked hard to ensure our approach to sustainability has been mainstreamed into everything we do. From environmental conservation to commited use of natural resources, championing support for community endeavors, and delivering equal opportunity benefits, this is how we work together for a better world. At Bolivia Milenaria we believe in celebrating the beauty of this world and all those in it and we strive to offer involvement regardless of gender, age, culture, lifestyle, and sexual orientation. Together, let’s share in the beauty of connection.