Our Values

Quality and inspiration

Our staff dedicates hours to fine-tuning our programmes; we invest our expertise, time and creativity to offer our clients a unique experience that will satisfy the expectations of the most discerning traveller. We are passionate about upping the quality of tourism services and are always looking for a chance to improve the image of these services here in Bolivia.

Integrity and honesty

Since we started up 20 years ago, Bolivia Milenaria has become a highly respected company known for its professionalism and ethics managing for inbound tourism in Bolivia. Today, fully established in the market, we maintain the same philosophy that we started out with: honesty, dignity and ethics. We are a trustworthy, loyal and transparent company.

Responsibility, commitment and accountability

All members of the Bolivia Milenaria team are responsible for their actions, whether working directly with our clients or with our equipment; our team lives by our values and each member knows how valuable their work is to ensure that each trip goes smoothly. We believe in teamwork and equal opportunities for everyone. Our responsibility to our clients entails providing a 5-star service from our first contact while designing a programme for them to the moment they leave our country making sure that everything we have promised is fully delivered. We thrive on our clients’ feedback and enjoy the challenge of continually improving our services and controlling the quality of everything we do.

Excellence and efficiency

We are proud to be 100% Bolivian, constantly striving to develop our country. We know the lay of the land and so we are in a unique position to offer our clients the comfort and safety they deserve. We know that we are the best choice when it comes to tailor-made trips with a personalised service, and carefully selected providers.


Employment and opportunities

Bolivia Milenaria invests in Bolivia to give opportunities to Bolivians to improve their economy and standard of living.