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Jesuit Missions in Bolivia

The 300 year old churches are wonderfully preserved and completely unique, combining prominent elements of Western architecture with local materials and craftsmanship. Most resemble large houses and are built entirely of wood.

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Cholitas beyond the Andes

How will you recognize a cholita? Cholitas are easy to recognize! They wear a very distinctive traditional dress composed of brilliantly-colored layered skirts (polera), which usually reach to the ankles (a cholitas’ ankles are considered to be a very beautiful physical asset!).

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Majestic Bolivia – Spotlight on the Wildlife

As the first rays of sunshine pierce the jungle canopy in the Madidi National Park you are roused from your slumbers by the strident call of the brilliantly plumaged macaws as they join the dawn chorus of birds and monkeys, celebrating the start of another day in the majestic Bolivian rainforest.

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The magic of Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni (the Salt Flats of Uyuni) was formed thousands of years ago when two enormous salt-water lakes dried up to form the largest, highest (nearly 12,000 feet above sea level) and flattest salt deposit in the world.

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Bringing Bolivia into 2022 and beyond

As proud Bolivians who wish to share our beautiful culture and outstanding natural beauty with you, we want to dispel some of the old stigmas that no longer fit this modern country as it continues to advance into the new millennium.

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