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Bolivia Milenaria

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Exploring the Vibrant Streets of La Paz

On the first day of your Bolivian adventure, you’ll arrive in La Paz, the colorful and ever-changing capital of Bolivia. As the sun rises, a thrilling city tour awaits, offering you a deep dive into the rich culture and history of this unique city. You’ll stroll through colonial streets, visit the majestic Cathedral, wander through the fascinating Witches’ Market, and explore the Legislative and Government Palaces. For a panoramic view of the city, you’ll take a ride on the cable car, South America’s longest and most modern. After a delightful lunch, the afternoon will be dedicated to exploring La Paz’s vibrant art galleries, where you’ll meet local artists who will share their unique styles and the inspirations behind their captivating works. As the day draws to a close, you’ll venture to the mystical Valley of the Moon, a rock formation to the south of the city. This day promises a fusion of culture and natural beauty.


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From El Alto to the Cholets of La Paz

The day begins with a journey to El Alto, perched above La Paz, where you’ll explore the lavish homes of the Aymara nouveau riche. These “Cholets,” a blend of indigenous and modern architecture, offer a unique perspective on Bolivia’s evolving culture. You’ll then soar high above the city on the red line of the cable car, enjoying breathtaking views. In El Alto, your adventure continues as you visit the captivating Witches Market, where Bolivian myths and legends come to life. Witness the mystical herbs and potions used in daily rituals to honor Mother Earth, Pachamama. You’ll even encounter curious items like dried llama fetuses and frogs. Your day concludes with a visit to the Kallawayas, traditional healers, before heading to the airport.


The Enigmatic Ruins of Tiwanaku

After breakfast, your journey takes you to Tiwanaku, a culture that predated the Incas by 500 years. This ancient ceremonial site, part of an unexplored citadel, showcases the splendor of the Tiwanaku culture. You’ll marvel at the Gateway of the Sun, the Pyramid of Akapana, and more. The village of Laja, where La Paz was originally founded, is your next stop before returning to the city. This day is all about unearthing the secrets of Bolivia’s ancient past


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Descending to the Yungas Cloud Forest

Day four leads you to Coroico, a small town in the subtropical Yungas cloud forest. You have the choice of two roads, with the old one providing an adventure of dramatic scenery and thrilling hairpin bends. The region is surrounded by coffee, banana, citrus fruit, and coca fields, offering an ever-changing landscape. You’ll have the opportunity to visit the Send Verde Refuge, a center for wild species, and perhaps enjoy a leisurely lunch. In Coroico, immerse yourself in the local market and savor the semi-tropical surroundings .


Adventures and Cultural Encounters

In the morning day five is packed with adventure as you embark on a thrilling walking or rafting experience on the Coroico River, class II. After the adrenaline rush, enjoy a delectable lunch at one of the haciendas that produce coffee. In Coroico, explore beekeepers, learn about honey and the importance of native bees, and engage in activities with African Bolivian communities. This day is all about adventure and cultural immersion.


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Discovering the Colonial Charms of Sucre

You’ll transfer to La Paz to catch a flight to Sucre, a city that has retained much of its colonial past. Wandering through its winding streets and carved balconies, you’ll experience its pleasant climate and charming atmosphere. Your visit to Sucre will include iconic sites like the Recoleta Mirador, the ASUR Textile Museum, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Casa de la Libertad. The day will also offer insights into traditional products like chocolates and hats. In the evening, explore the General Cemetery, a resting place for famous Bolivians.


Journey to the Imperial City of Potosí

Day seven takes you to Potosí, the Imperial City and a historic mining center. Explore its cobbled streets, colonial churches, and the craft fair. Climb the church tower for panoramic views and visit the San Francisco Church, the Convent of Santa Teresa Museum, and the Casa de la Moneda. This day offers a glimpse into the city’s rich history.


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Exploring the Historical Treasures of Potosí

Day eight begins with a free morning to explore Potosí on your own, including the option to visit the Silver Mine. In the early afternoon, you’ll travel to Uyuni, stopping at Pulacayo to learn about Bolivia’s mining history. The journey continues to the Uyuni Salt Flats, where you’ll observe the salt factories before reaching your overnight accommodation.


Salt Flats, Islands, and Local Communities

Day nine kicks off early with a mesmerizing sunrise over the Uyuni Salt Flats. Your adventure continues on Incahuasi Island, home to giant cacti and unique wildlife. Lunch will be a delightful experience in the middle of the vast salt flat, and in the afternoon, explore the nearby communities to gain insights into the local economy and ancient civilizations.


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Journey to the Siloli Desert

On the tenth day, you’ll travel from Uyuni, passing by the Ollagüe volcano and a desertic area. Your journey will take you to the mysterious Stone City, a place where stones take on enchanting shapes. Along the way, you’ll visit several lagoons, including Cañapa, Hedionda, and Chiarcota, before arriving at the awe-inspiring Siloli Desert. Here, you’ll explore the Arbol de Piedra and the Red Lagoon.


From the Deserts to the Geysers

In the morning, you’ll drive southeast from Ojo de Perdiz into Bolivia, encountering natural wonders like the geysers of Sol de Mañana, the hot springs of Polques, the enigmatic Rocas de Dalí, and the ethereal Laguna Verde. As you journey through these surreal landscapes, you’ll witness amazing sceneries and wildlife. After an adventurous day, you’ll head to San Pedro de Atacama or return to Uyuni



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